'We get up' or 'We got up'

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We _____ up as soon as the clock struck four. (get)

As there are two verbs (Struck & Get) in a tense but Struck is the second form of verb. In my knowledge, we don't use SECOND FORM OF VERBS two times in a single tense. Would it be like, "We get up as soon as the clock struck four."
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    I don't understand what you mean by "second form of a verb". To me, "struck" is the simple past, and we can use the simple past as many times in a sentence as we like.


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    Yeah. You are right "struck" is simple past but in a tense, shall we use "GET UP"?
    Can you clarify please? When you say "in a tense" do you mean "in a sentence"?

    If you are talking about something that happened in the past you need a past tense for both of your verbs here:
    "We got up ...clock struck four."


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    We are running afoul here of terminology inflicted by some ESL teachers upon learners that we native speakers have never, ever encountered in years of English-speaking experience and formal education.

    Like my fellow forum members above, I can only guess at what "second form" of a verb might be.

    The natural and correct way to express the sentence is: "We got up as soon as the clock struck four. "

    I suggest that you pay more attention to natural English as used by educated, native speakers rather that attempting to follow such "rules."
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