We got into a drifted bank

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    Hi everybody!

    Please I need to understand the meaning of "drifted bank" in this lyrics:

    Was seated by my side
    The horse was lean and lank
    Misfortune seemed his lot
    We got into a drifted bank

    Source: Jingle Bells – lyrics

  2. "Drifted bank" is a combination of "snowdrift" and "snowbank". A snowdrift is a pile of snow blown into place by the wind. A snowbank is a pile of snow beside a road. So, apparently, the horse got caught in a deep snowdrift beside the road. And we, we got upsot. :)
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    i think the sentence "we got into a drifted bank" actually means "we had experienced a series of misfortune seeming drifted". And the "drift" may mean" to accumulate in a mass or become piled up in heaps by wind or water "(WM).
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    I'm afraid you're way off, peytons. The song is about riding on a sleigh (sled), and the horse that was pulling the sleigh went astray and caused it to land in a snowbank.
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    Maybe I have pondered too much. Thank you for your reminding Miss Julie.
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