We had lost all hope

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Canada, English
Could someone help me transalate the sentence "we had lost all hope until qch had a vision."?

My best guess is "Nous avons eu perdu tout l'espoir avant qch (il) a eu (a vision)"
  • Canard

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    English, USA
    Enlève l'article et ça semble aller mieux :)

    Nous avons perdu tout espoir jusqu'à la vision de ____.
    Nous étions complètement désespérés...

    Cracker Jack

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    You are right. It should be in subjunctive. I was thinking that if the situation is yet to occur, it becomes hypothetical and that the thinking that occurred in the past is no longer abstract but a reality, so I thought it should be indicative.

    I was thinking about it in terms of Spanish. But of course, the respective grammars of both romance languages are different. I remember another verb, espérer. In Spanish, it is followed by subjunctive. But not in French.
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