we had to do it because otherwise they could undo it

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Source: Republican Rep. Don Young Sees A 'Road Back To Greatness'

MARTIN: You mean regulatory actions or executive orders?

YOUNG: Executive orders, regulatory actions that were unconstitutional and, very frankly, that we had to do it because otherwise they could undo it. And it could have been done again by another president in the future. So I think that site is very productive.
Hi everyone! How should I understand the bold part in the context?
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    Hi Irelia.

    I think there's a typo in the transcript as I've heard the sound recording of this part of the interview and Don Young clearly says "otherwise they couldn't undo it."

    I think he is referring to the time limit (60 legislative days) in which reversals of these things have to be passed in the US system under the Congressional Review Act. If they don't do it in time the new rule will take effect.
    Congressional Review Act - Wikipedia

    To understand the context of the lines you quote in the OP it is really necessary to also have the portion that precedes it. [I know you couldn't put this bit in the OP because of the quote limit.]

    MARTIN: ... I mean, the president has talked and tweeted about a lot of legislative accomplishments, but really, there's only been one - the tax bill. Do you consider this a productive first year?

    YOUNG: Well, I do because that's not the only one. You know, the CRAs - I think there's 11 of those - which are very, very important undoing other laws. ...

    There is also a typo where it says "So I think that site is very productive". He clearly says "side" in the recording.

    [That's my take on it, but I'll leave it to our AmE speaking members to add to or correct anything I've written above. :)]
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