'We have capture'


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Could you help me with this expression in a space context:
I found it in a video showing what I suppose to be the docking of 2 space craft (Soyuz and Zaria). Just before the docking appears to have been successfully completed, the translator of the Russian comment says:
'In the middle we have capture we have indicated. Docking confirmed' (I'm not sure about the punctuation).
I have also found this expression in the title of a book by astronaut Thomas Stafford but I simply fail to understand what it means: does it have to do with the transmission of images in a space context? Or with the fact that the mission has been accomplished? Or with the fact that one of the craft has sort of 'captured' the other? Help me if you can...

Thanks in advance.
  • jolem

    france, french
    Thanks for your suggestion. Any idea how I could translate it? Could 'Nous avons prise' work in this context?
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