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Yesterday, we was waiting for him, and expected that he would come yesterday. He didn't.
Now, tomorrow, he has come. What have we to say to him?

1)We haven't expected you would come today.
2)We haven't expected you to come today.
3)We didn't expect you would have come today.

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    The sentence is a little confusing in the context, because what I would probably say to the person is "We expected you yesterday."

    If, however, this has already been said, then expressing the idea that we didn't expect him today, either, might make sense. "We didn't expect you to come today" is a likely way to say that.


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    Could one say,"we were expecting when he would come"
    "We are/have been expecting when he will come"?
    Also, it is not clear if my sentences could be used sometimes, I mean
    1)2)3) in OP. Are they wrong? I need some examples when it is possible to use "expect" in present perfect tense. Is it possible at all?
    -We are/have been expecting when he will come?
    Yesterday, we didn't expect you would come next day.
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    "We expected you yesterday."
    . "We didn't expect you to come today"
    It is what we can say today. What can we say two days latter, if he has come today?
    -We expected you three days ago.. We didn't expect you to come two days ago, but you came.
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