We haven't hung in months

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    Hello, groups.

    This sentence is a part of Prison Break.

    (A and B has been a long time eachother, but B ask a favor to A)

    A : We haven`t hung in months and now you want a favor?

    In this context, What is the meaning of hang? and is it phrase verb hang in?

    I really don`t know this sense of this word. Should I have to see this hang? or hang in?
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    It would be the phrase "to hang out" which essentially means "to pass time (with friends perhaps)". Person A is offended that Person B has not reached out in so long, and now has the gall to make a request for a favor.
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    I agree with se16teddy, with the added specification that it is a shortened form of 'hang out together'

    hang out informal spend time relaxing or enjoying oneself.

    People may talk about 'hanging with my buddy', or describe what they are doing when they are together as 'hanging'. A and B haven't spent any social time together for months.

    Cross posted with b3n5p34km4n. I think we agree. :)

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