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    I'm translating a business letter from English to Spanish. A professor wrote a scholarly paper for an academic journal, and the journal editors are writing the letter to decline to publish the paper. At the end of the letter, they write: " We hope you will consider submitting other work to [our magazine] in the future." This sentence is also its own paragraph.

    If I translate that directly into Spanish, I'm afraid it would sound somewhat cold and abrupt. On the other hand, I don't want to make the translation too wordy or put into it ideas that would be too different from what was in the original letter. Any suggestions?

    Muchisimas gracias.
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    Hola abedules, bienvenido al foro.

    Quizá podrías decir: Confiamos en que contacte con nuestra revista para la posible publicación de futuros trabajos.

  3. abedules New Member

    Muchas gracias romarsan!

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