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Is the "each other" in "my partner and I met each other twenty years ago at an MLA conference" redundant?

In a Spanish-English thread an Irish forero (I don't know this word in English) felt that adding the "each other" was incorrect.

It is very common in AE, and I had never thought about the redundancy before.

Is it only an AE usage, or is it more universal?
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    Logically it's redundant, but a lot of people use it. Living in the US myself, I'd better let somebody else answer your second question.


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    Hello -
    I am that Irishman...

    Implicit in the idea of "my wife and I met each other" is that :
    1) I met my wife, and
    2) My wife met me.
    ...but, it would not be possible for my wife to meet me, without me meeting her. It is already a mutual act. Therefore, "my wife and I met each other" is a tautology.

    Now, the "each other" is used by some people to remove percieved ambiguity. Imagine the following conversation:

    "My wife and I met many years ago."
    "Who did you meet?"
    "We met each other."

    ... but it still seems to be completely redundant to me.
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