(we must ensure that) life means life


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the above phrase is regularly used in england regarding emprisonment ie. that a life prison sentence means a lifetime in prison

can anyone offer a french equivalent as I would imagine this phrase wouldnt make any sense if literally translated

  • Denis the fatalist

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    we say "condamné à perpétuité avec une période de sûreté de x ... ans"
    It means nobody can reduce the sentence for any reason during that time. Then, provided it's long enough as regard the age of the person...

    Moon Palace

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    If you want to differentiate between the sentence and the meaning implied, you could say:
    la perpétuité signifie la condamnation à la prison à vie.
    But I agree that usually it never comes down to a lifetime in jail but a given period of time called 'une peine de sûreté incompressible' which is not to be reduced but is a maximum.
    Hope it helps.


    British English
    You're right, Moon Palace, there is no sense of obligation in the phrase 'life means life'; that comes from the people who say 'We must ensure that life means life', which is why I put it that way.

    Moon Palace

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    Nous devons nous assurer qu'un condamné à perpétuité passe sa vie en prison.
    Sorry, Suehill, this had escaped me :eek:, it is in the title though...
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