(We) shop smart"


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Hello. What does "(somebody) shops smart" mean? I read it online. Context: someone was asking people about their grocery shopping habits : "do you eat only the finest quality plant and meat cuts?", to which somebody replied "we shop smart".

I would like to know what this phrase means. I seem to have heard of it from somewhere before but I am not sure about what it really means. Thanks.
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    Probably that they put a lot of time and effort into researching their shopping. Could be either related to saving money (couponing, looking through fliers, etc.) or getting the best quality products (food or otherwise).


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    "we shop smart". = we shop in an intelligent manner and try hard to receive good value for our money whatever we buy. (In fact, "we shop smart". does not answer the question that was asked, but people do avoid giving answers sometimes.)


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    It seems to be a play on the (perhaps just AE) expression "I don't work hard. I work smart." Meaning: "I use my brain more than my brawn."
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