We Study Sobriety meetings, the little enclave read

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At the Thursday night We Study Sobriety meetings, the little enclave read Bill Wilson’s big blue how-to manual from cover to cover, each new meeting picking up where the last meeting had left off.
Source: Doctor Sleep by Stephen King

In this scene, Dan is desscribing his Alcoholic Anynomous meetings.

I find this sentence to be convoluted. Why is We capitalised? Is We Study Sobriety is the name given to these meetings? Does the little enclave (I understand it figuretivley to mean - the group that is different in character from its surrounding) refer to the group of the people at the meeting?

Thank you.
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    The AA is a well known international group.
    I guess this is a "pet" name for such a group - hence why it has capital letters. Whether this is King's own invention or more well-known I could not say.

    And yes, the enclave is the group of people at the meeting. Bravo!
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