We supply this appliance with a plug [into passive/get?]

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I am learning to passive voice exam, which is today :<
I have few problems with some expamples...

2. We supply this appliance with a plug.
- This appliance gets supplied with a plug. / its also my version of doing this.... Is this okay to use "get" to make it passive??? my book didnt say anything about that but it sounds legit to me.

This is very important to me.
Help me please :)
  • Beryl from Northallerton

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    British English
    I would probably say, 'this appliance is supplied with a plug'.

    (You often hear 'this product comes fitted with a plug', though I have my doubts that it would make the grade in an exam.)

    Regarding 'get' ... I don't think it's "legit".
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