We three wanted to stay.

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  1. facinorousgreekpoet Member


    I can't seem to confirm how to translate "We three".

    I have a couple ideas, but I would like some assistance.

    Мы три хотели остаться. Нас трое хотело остаться. :confused:

    Спасибо заранее за помощь.
  2. morzh

    morzh Banned

    Give teh full paragraph: "we three" out of how many, etc. Context rules.
  3. facinorousgreekpoet Member

    Sorry, but there's no context and no paragraph. It's just a sentence I made up to get help with the "we three" part.
  4. estreets Senior Member

    Really there could be two variants
    Трое из нас хотели остаться
    Мы, все трое, хотели остаться
    (The point is that if they (we) were just three there is no need to indicate the number. If there were more than three people the first variant matches, but if they were three then the idea is to point out that all of them wanted to stay and then the second variant is OK.
  5. er targyn Senior Member

    Мы втроем
  6. facinorousgreekpoet Member

    I like all the answers, but this one is particularly interesting. What is the analog then for "we two", "we four", and "we five"?
  7. er targyn Senior Member

    вдвоем, вчетвером, впятером
  8. facinorousgreekpoet Member

    Yes, yes. I should have seen the resemblance, based on двое, трое, четверо, пятеро и т.д.
    Thanks a lot!
  9. spielbrecher New Member

    Why no one mentioned the most obvious variant, I wonder.

    Мы трое хотели остаться
    (There were three of us and we wanted to stay)
  10. facinorousgreekpoet Member

    That's also a bit easier for me to remember. Thank you.
  11. morzh

    morzh Banned

    This was my point exactly when I asked "out of how many" and for more information: the formulation of the Russian translation may be optimized depending on whether those three are part of a larger group, or the whole group.

    Obviously, it can be formulated the way that covers either case, but it is always better to work with more details, as the sentence "three of us wanted to stay", in a real life is always a part of a larger story.
  12. facinorousgreekpoet Member

    No worries morzh. You've helped me a lot, too. I would just like to say thanks for everyone's help. You guys are awesome.

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