we welcome you to our city

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“We welcome you to our city.”
We = subject
Welcome = verb
You = object
To our city = adverb of place.
From this parser could I change it to passive voice?
à“You are welcomed to our city.”
Is it correct?
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    I'm just wondering if "you are welcome in/to(?) our city" isn't a more common way to say it. :confused:
    "You are welcome in our city"

    This is certainly a way of saying such and is one of those, pretty rare, occasions when "in" would be preferable to "into".

    Well seen, best commit it to memory since that question seems to be a recurring one. :)


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    It depends on the context.

    If you're writing an introduction to a guidebook, for example, or greeting someone on arrival to your city, you would just say "Welcome to our city."

    Similarly, you might say, "Welcome to our home" as someone arrives at your home, although that sounds a bit formal, more likely you would just say, "Welcome!"
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