We were at Temple Israel, and I attended


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Hello everyone,

From the book Thank You for Being Late by Thomas Friedman.

Mr. Friedman quotes Debra Stone:

“My good Jewish friend, Pam Russ—I went to her son’s and her daughter’s bat mitzvah. She grew up in Robbins-dale. I didn’t get to be friends with her until a little bit later. We were at Temple Israel, and I attended bar mitzvahs and the parties for the kids.

Does the sentence in question imply: We were at Temple Israel and it was the temple where I attended (to which I went to attend) bar mitzvahs and the parties for the kids?

Thank you.
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    That sounds like a reasonable assumption about what the sentence means, Michael. I suppose that "Temple Israel" could possibly be a school or something else, but that looks like an appropriate name for a synagogue to me.

    The speaker does not explicitly say that the parties and the bar mitzvahs took place at the synagogue. But that is a reasonable inference to make as you read that sentence.


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    It is always a pleasure to interact with you in finding a solution to whatever word or phrase that troubles you in your reading, Michael. You are unfailingly courteous when you ask questions in the forum, and I really appreciate that quality in you.
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