we were joint at the hip!

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  1. Senorita85 Member

    English, United Kingdom
    How do you say in Spanish: "we were joint at the hip?"
    like they could never be separated and spent every moment together!?

  2. newzamt Senior Member

    Minneapolis, MN
    English, USA
    Perhaps there's something better, but one option is "Somos uña y carne".
  3. lochy Member

    Santo Domingo
    spanish - Dominican Republic
    "estabamos como uña y carne", if we follow the sentence.
  4. newzamt Senior Member

    Minneapolis, MN
    English, USA
    I agree, that seems more appropriate given the sentence.
  5. Begonaf

    Begonaf Senior Member

    Spain, Spanish
    Eramos como u~na y carne
  6. Paul Clancy Senior Member

    Ireland, English

    Just to say ... the correct phrase in English is "We were joined at the hip" not JOINT

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