We will continue where we left off.

Abu Talha

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I have a question regarding the idiomatic translation of "We will continue where we left off."

Here's what I came up with:
سنستأنف من حيث توقفنا
سنستأنف من المكان الذي توقفنا عنده
Which usage is better: استأنف ، داوم or استمر ؟

Also, what is a generic word or phrase for the imperatives of
1. Continue (as in: reading)
2. Go on (as in: speaking)
3. Proceed (as in: moving)

I think you could use تفضل but I was wondering what the actual words would be, if say you were speaking to a child.

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  • Mahaodeh

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    نستأنف seems perfect to me, better than نستمر but the latter would also work. I would not use من المكان الذي توقفنا عنده because first it seems too literal (in terms of a reference to a place) and it uses too much words. Your first option is more eloquent. It would have been my choice of words.
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