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Discussion in 'French-English Vocabulary / Vocabulaire Français-Anglais' started by jjjbec, Jan 22, 2008.

  1. jjjbec Senior Member

    England/ English
    Hi, I'm so confused about how to translate this.
    Nous vous souhaitons...

    Could you say 'tout succes' or toute reussite'
    pour vos affaires?- it seems a bit too bold to me- can anybody help?- thanks
  2. hunternet

    hunternet Senior Member

    France - French
    --> tout le succès/toute la réussite possible ?
  3. miyamoto_musashi

    miyamoto_musashi Banned

    Beach Toronto
    Canada, English
    I agree with hunter, but you hardly see "succès" in such contexts, whereas "réussite" is very common.

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