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In a film, 30's... A pilot is at the hospital, and the doctor has just announced he had to stay for another months there.
Arrive his brother and the pilot's fiancée. The doctor leaves.

The brother asks : "Did he find another missing parts?"
The fiancée goes : "Why do we look down in the dumps today? Just so you can wean on pickle."

I just don't get this last sentence !!! Pickle ??!!
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    Well, maybe... I didn't write the transcript, an english as a mother languagew did, but the sound is not great quality...


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    I believe that it means "to complain about his misfortune". I was in fact looking for this expression I heard "to whine about something". It is not exactly the same sound though.
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    There are enough small errors in the English to suspect that the transcript may not be exact. I can imagine this sequence: "Why do we look so down in the dumps today? You look as if you were weaned on a pickle". The patient has a sour expression, comme si sa mère l'a sevré avec un cornichon aigre.
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