weapon(s) systems

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What is the plural of the phrase “weapon system”? Weapon Systems or Weapons Systems?

When we use, and what is the difference between weapon systems and weapons systems?

In the following sentence “this involves acquisition of naval and air force weapons systems and capabilities” we should use the term weapon systems or weapons systems?

Thanks in advance!
  • owlman5

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    "Weapons systems" is correct. Weapons is used in the plural because these systems generally employ more than one type of weapon.


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    BNC results
    weapon system - 13
    weapons system - 10
    weapon systems - 15
    weapons systems 43

    COCA results
    weapon system - 54
    weapons system - 99
    weapon systems - 97
    weapons systems - 391

    That looks like strong support for owlman :)

    BNC - British National Corpus
    COCA - Corpus of Contemporary American English


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    Thanks a lot owlman5 and panjandrum for your prompt and detailed reply!

    It seems you are right.
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