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Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by wild_rose, Mar 26, 2010.

  1. wild_rose New Member

    I'm trying to translate the song "Shine on you crazy diamond", and I'm a bit puzzled by the sentence:
    "You wore out your welcome in random precision"; it's commonly translated literally as:
    "Hai consumato il tuo benvenuto con precisione casuale" but this doesn't make much sense to me...
    I was wondering if "wearing out a welcome" can be an idiomatic expression; or shall I just take it as it is, as we often have to do with poetry, without analysing too much?
  2. Murphy

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  3. rrose17

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    To wear out your welcome is indeed an idomatic expression, meaning you've used up all the good feelings that were extended to you when you first arrived.

    @murphy I was thinking of the expression "house guests are like fish; after three days they go bad." (Not something I adhere to but I've heard this)
  4. Teerex51

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    It's quite common: "l'ospite è come il pesce, dopo tre giorni puzza" (there may be several variations on the same theme).

    To translate that idiom in (bad) Italian: hai esaurito il tuo benvenuto.
  5. Murphy

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    Sicily, Italy
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    I personally have never heard it in English but the fish thing seems to be quite a universal concept, then.:p
  6. wild_rose New Member

    Thanks a lot! This makes it clearer!

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