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Greg Heffley played some prank on his friend, Rowley, and it made Rowley’s big toe broken. A doctor said he should stay off it for a while. The last thing Greg Heffley needed occurred. That is he should fill in for Rowley in a Talent Show tryout. Rowley was supposed to do magic show with a boy, who was in Pull-Ups. And he was supposed to wear a shirt which is covered with sparky sequins. Gre Heffley said “It looked like something Gramma would wear to Bingo”I couldn’t understand why he express his feeling that way. Could you explain?
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    "Bingo" is a game people play in the USA. Actually, it's even played in casino(e)s.

    So, something his Grandmother might wear, when she goes to play Bingo.

    Hope that makes sense.


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    As an added note, "bingo (which is not capitalized, according to our dictionary) is frequently regarded as a means by which old folks in retirement homes pass the time.


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    I'm 47.

    I guess that's old. I do not play bingo.

    "Bingo" is a big-time casino game. Maybe others can confirm this.

    "bingo", lower-case means, something like "eureka".

    Do you understand that differently, sdg?
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