Weasel wasn't either


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Hi, I don't know how to sum up but I'm reading a book and I'm in a chapter where the character talks about what she and her friends may have eaten. The passage begins by "She had broken her fast on some acorn paste and a handful of bugs."
At this point, everything is okay. But further, a phrase begins by talking about "weasel" and ends by talking about "beetle" and I don't understand why it's about "weasel" at first place and then it ended with "beetle" like if there was a link between both of them. I hope the link will help you understand better.

A Game of Thrones 4-Book Bundle
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    Yes, Weasel is a character.

    "... so she had not been afraid to eat another. Weasel wasn't (afraid) either."
    However the character called Hot Pie tries to eat a beetle and throws up.