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    Hello to all:
    After looking up in the Dictionary, and following previous threads, I kind of think those 2 words, "weathering" and "ersosion", are synonyms; but i would much appreciate if someone can support or correct that, please. Thank you.

    The problem is, I have those 2 words in the same context, and it looks like they refer to them as two different words: "After that, the forces of weathering and erosion wore the rock down."
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    Dear Guillermo:
    Weathering refers to the action of the elements of the changing weather like rain, wind, the raise and down of the temperature, snow and even the fog
    Erosion (wear, abrasion) can be done by the same elements as weatherig but it refers to (how can I say it!) First added very much time to the action of the weathering and....Take a sand and let the wind to trow it against the rocks, it causes that the rock (in very many years of course) it will start to diminish. Let the river that run trought the soil transport stones it will causes the same effect in the ground, let the glacier passes trough the valley it will cause very much erosion.
    Finally let the acid rain to disolve certain elements of the rocks, they wouldn´t be the same again.
    All the previous examples are the erosion. Sorry about my English, stil learning!
    See you
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    Para el contexto que se brinda aquí yo utilizo el término intemperismo, como señaló vicdark, y erosión.


    Peter P.

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