Web of the steel beam

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  1. Nane BA Senior Member

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    Hola a tod@s!

    I need to translate the following phrase:
    "when the beam is horizontal, the web of the beam must not exceed the fork tyne length"

    and I don't understand what is meant by web of the beam. Can anyone give me a hand? Even if you don't have the exact word, I might work it out if I know what it means.

  2. eumenes Senior Member

    Español, Português
    Hola Nane BA

    Es la parte central de una viga, que en español se llama "alma". Las partes de arriba y abajo se llaman mesas...
  3. k-in-sc

    k-in-sc Senior Member

    (fork tine length)
    Yes, the web is the middle of the cross-section of a beam or girder and the flanges are the ends.
  4. Nane BA Senior Member

    Spanish English (Argentina)
    Thanks! You were both very helpful!

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