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First of apologize for my writing mistakes.

I am David Asensio, wedding photographer in Spain, and I want to ask you for some help in englsh linguistic, in concret for an slogan for my work.

In my work I focus on STORYTELLING through INTIMATE and ADVENTUROUS pics and those three concepts are which I'm trying to concentrate and any kind of slogan in english.

Right now I'm thinking on "DOCUMENTING STORIES OF LIFE" but there are some little details that I can't control in english:

"Documenting Stories" I think is working, but I don't know if "Stories of Life" is too candid or too sweet meaning, or if it have any relation with medical services or, ortherway, if it has meaning closer to "live the life" or "adventurous life" concepts.

What to you think, can give please me any advice??
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    Dasensio, welcome to the forum.

    Have you read the rules for posting on this forum? Please READ this before you post: English Only Guidelines — forum rules.

    If you review them, you will see that we are not allowed to ask for lists or for proofreading.

    If you have a specific question about one or more of the words in your proposed slogan, we will be happy to help you. Also, if you can tell us in other words what you are trying to say, we might be able to offer suggestions.