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I am reading a book which talks about the youth in the late 70s in Manchester and Liverpool, and some haircuts which are referred to as 'wedges'. I am having a hard time trying to figure out what this wedge haircut looks like.

Here goes a discription from the book:

"the fringe was grown low over one eye, and layered around the side, describing an horizontal line across the ear. Initially, the cut would be quite short. An absolute lack of side-boards was a priority, with the hair cut tight across the top of the ear and round the back to a point. [...] Those who'd been there the earliest had the telltale layering effect across the ear, in a continous line, coming right back from the fringe to the wedge at the back."

I have several problems with this: first, it's not clear that this description corresponds to the wedge haircut. Secondly, I don't know what a sideboard or a wedge is (in this context) and I can't find anything in the dictionary. Lastly, if somebody could provide a picture (I have already tried to find one in vain) would be great.

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    Thanks, so it looks like a mushroom, doesn't it?

    Here is a picture of David Bowie with what has been labeled a "wedge haircut". I believe that it fits both your description and the cutting chart.

    You can search images for {wedge hairstyle youth} and see what you get. Without 'youth', you get more pictures of the women's version, if you are interested.