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Hello, can anybody rephrase "Wee Free". The example of usage is shown below. I am interested just in the meaning of the words used in this context (specially "wee", which is explained in dictionaries in a lot of different ways), not in the information about this churches themselves what can be found e.g. in Wikipedia. Can "Wee Free" be translated e.g. as "free small pieces" or something loke that?
The story is about "Wee Free" churches in Scotland.
"Moderators of the obscure Wee Free churches," said Angus Lordie, shuddering slightly as he spoke.
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    The meaning of the words is very straightforward.
    Wee (adjective) means small.
    Free (adjective) means unattached to the established church.

    The Free Church of Scotland split from the Church of Scotland in 1843.

    In 1847 the Secession Church and the Relief Church joined to form the United Presbyterian Church.

    In 1900 the Free Church of Scotland and the United Presbyterian Church merged to become The United Free Church of Scotland.
    A small group of churches refused to join in this merger. They continued as the Free Church and so, in the context of there being the large United Free Church, were known as the Wee Free church, or the Wee Frees.

    (Sorry - I know you didn't want any history but it seemed important to understanding the words.)


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    Yes .My familly often usually use the word 'wee' for small this is very common usage in the north of England and Scotland.I was a bonny ,wee bairn for years!
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