weekly dose escalation to 400 mg once daily

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Can you see from the limited context the amount of "dose escalation"? It seems that "weekly dose escalation to 400 mg once daily" means at first you take the drug once a week, then gradually increase to once a day. Am I on the right track?

Patients received ibrutinib monotherapy (420 mg once daily) for 3 cycles, followed by the addition of venetoclax (weekly dose escalation to 400 mg once daily). Combined therapy was administered for 24 cycles. Response assessments were performed according to International Workshop on Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia 2008 criteria.

Source: May 30, 2019
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    Each week the daily dose is increased (=weekly dose escalation) to a final dose of 400 mg each day (=400 mg once daily). They do not disclose what the initial dose was and what the increase was each week, so we can't say much more without the details beyond the abstract. (It's quite likely that the number of words allowed in the abstract is strictly limited and they chose to eliminate these details because anyone who needs the details will read beyond the abstract :))

    Added - the prescribing information for Venclexta (in the paper Venetoclax) has
    Administer the VENCLEXTA dose according to a weekly ramp-up schedule over 5 weeks to the recommended daily dose of 400 mg as shown in Table 1
    Daily dose for week 1=20 mg, for week 2=50 mg, for week 3=100mg for week 4=200mg and week 5 and beyond 400 mg
    (Ramp-up = escalation)
    That's why they omitted the details - 1) too complex to include in an abstract and 2) those using it will be familiar with it
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