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However, one other factor must also be weighed in an appreciation of Nicholas I’s Near Eastern policy: Orthodoxy. The Crimean War was provoked partly by religious conflicts. Moreover, the tsar himself retained throughout his reign a certain ambivalence toward the sultan.
N.Riasanovksy "Russian identities"
Does in refer to apprecation or is it a part of a phrasal verb "weigh in'? Thanks
  • Does in refer to appreciation or is it a part of a phrasal verb "weigh in'?
    Weigh is an ordinary verb in that sentence. Riasanovsky didn't use weigh in as phrasal verb although he probably should have. If he had wanted to use weighed in*, he would have had to use in twice, which would have been obtrusive: ...factor must also be weighed in in an appreciation of...

    He could easily have expressed the same idea and expressed it smoothly and clearly by using considered rather than weighed: ...factor must also be considered in an appreciation of ....
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    I agree it’s definitely not not a phrasal verb there and weigh could be synonymous with considered (or evaluated) in this context.

    “In” is connected to appreciation.