weil er nicht mehr wissen wollte

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    Guten Tag alle,

    I have to write a zusammenfassung of a story and one of the sentence where I'm stuck is

    'he was very angry about it because he didn't wanted to know anything more and locked himself up in a dark room"
    I have translated it the following way according to my knowledge

    "Er hat sich darüber geärgert ,weil er nicht mehr wissen wollte,und hat sich in einen dunkeln Raum eingeschlossen"

    Can someone please correct my mistakes along with grammatical explanation of the same, as I am still in the process of learning

    I would also be grateful if one could formulate it to something better

    Vielen Dank voraus,
    Kavita :)
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  2. Kajjo

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    Neither the English nor the German sentence makes much sense.

    He was angry, because he did not want to know more? What is that supposed to mean?

    Maybe it is meant like "He was angry -- and because he did not want to learn more about it, he locked himself up." That would be quite a different content. What do you think?

    Your sentence corrected:

    "Er hat sich darüber geärgert, weil er nicht mehr wissen wollte, und [] sich in einen dunklen Raum eingeschlossen."

    Sounds not very idiomatic, but considering the non-sense content, it is OK.

    The suggested new meaning could be translated as:

    "Er war darüber sehr ärgerlich und da er nicht noch mehr davon hören wollte, schloss er sich in einen dunklen Raum ein."

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