weirdly/strangely well fitted/suited


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I'm looking for a word that encapsulates 'weirdly/strangely well fitted/suited'.
For example, one thing that seems tailor made to something else, but it isn't. It just happens to be well suited.

Thanks in advance :)
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    Hello Midd03 - welcome to the forums!

    Can you tell us something about the context in which you want to use the word, and give us the sentence you want to use it in?


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    Thank you for your reply and the welcome!
    I am using craft in a project for various, particular reasons and I found a definition of craft that's an extremely well written, single sentence. It supports my reasoning for using it perfectly. My sentence is: "Niedderer’s description of craft beautifully articulates its aptness here." However, I want to swap out "beautifully" will the word that I'm looking for or else reconstruct the sentence to fit what I'm trying to say.
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