Weirdo and Eccentric

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Hey. I need a clear picture of the difference between these tow words 'eccentric' & 'weirdo'
in meaning and usage maybe.
Thank you
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    Weirdo is an informal word, usually used derogatorily. It is used to refer to a person who is considered weird/abnormal/slightly crazy.

    Eccentric does not have the same negative connotation, and is used to refer to a person of odd, unusual habits or behaviour.
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    Eccentric, crazy, weirdo, nuts, etc. depend largely on the environment in which the person lives.

    My uncle who was in and out of mental institutions (voluntary) many times was called "nuts". It upset my mother (his sister). I said to Mom, "Mom, Uncle Burt has very little money and he comes to his relatives and borrows a few hundred dollars once in a while that he never pays back. So he's 'crazy'."

    "If he were wealthy he would be 'eccentric'. If he gave relatives money instead of asking for it he would probably be 'normal'. Nothing he does is dangerous. But because he is always broke he is 'crazy'."
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