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¡Hola! ¿Se le puede decir a una persona "weirdo" sin que suene ofensivo? Le quiero decir a alguien que es raro (cada vez que lo encuentro sale con alguna cosa distinta y extraña, es muy gracioso), pero si bien acá se puede usar sin que necesariamente suene mal, no sé si en inglés pasa lo mismo. ¿O hay alguna otra palabra?
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    Said with a smile to a close friend, it probably wouldn't be offensive. But if the person is a less than a good friend (and behaves a little bit wierd anyway), you probably would run the risk of offending. Normally 'weirdo' should be considered derogatory. Try eccentric, different, unusual, original


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    A Weirdo is an an odd, eccentric, or unconventional person. (extraño, raro)

    Those of us who are odd, eccentric, or unconventional will take this word as a compliment,
    Those who strive or pretend to be conventional or normal will probably take offense at being called a weirdo.

    I might translate it as excéntrico extraño, raro or in the offensive sense: pendejo


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    Thanks a lot!!!!!
    Great answer Scotu! I felt a little bit identified... (it´s my favorite compliment ;))


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    I wouldn't like to be described as a wierdo.

    Wierdo implies 'creepy' as in 'dar grima' or 'dar repelus'.

    Wierdo is much stronger than 'estrambotico' or 'estrafalario' - which is what I think you want to say. How about saying to your friend 'you're quite a character' or 'you're a real character'.
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