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Happy Monday people!

Suppose it's the first day of school, and there's a banner hanging at the gate, saying,
"Welcome back our students, as well as all the teachers."

Can we add the 'our' there? Without adding 'to' before it?

Is it correct?

Thank you!
  • MattiasNYC

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    If you add "our" then it sounds like you are telling everyone who is neither a student nor a teacher to welcome back the students and teachers. I don't think that's what you're looking for.

    If the banner is meant for the students and teachers it would look better if it simply read "Welcome back students and teachers!".

    What is the purpose of the banner?


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    Your original could be a command telling some unknown persons to welcome the students and teachers, or an incomplete version of the sentence "We would like to welcome back our students as well as our teachers."
    In your banner, you don't want a full sentence, just a greeting/salutation of "Welcome back." like "Hello, John."
    Welcome back, students and teachers.

    "Welcome back to our students and teachers." could be read as "We would like to say "Welcome back" to our students and teachers." but it's rather long for a banner.
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