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When leaving a resort area (Krasnodarsky Krai, Russia) one sees a billboard on the road that says:
The latter means to say "visit us again"

Is this a correct use of Welcome back ?
My concern is whether Welcome back is only appropriate when greeting a person who is actually coming back? But I may be wrong. Can Welcome back be used in the sense Please visit us again ?
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    Thank you! What would be a natural way of putting this on a road billbord in an English-speaking country? The problem is that other alternatives I can think of seem to be rather long/wordy

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    It's not a normal way of saying "Please visit us again", but perhaps there wouldn't be room on the sign for that. "See you again!" would sound normal and would take up no more space than "Welcome Back!", but some people might find "We hope to see you again" more polite. The trouble is, there might not be enough space for that either. "Come back soon!" may be a contender.
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