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Would appreciate it very much if you could tell me how to say "Welcome Back!" in Portuguese and any other languages you know. Thank you very much.
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    Portugal (Portuguese)
    Welcome back is one of those expressions, IMO, that's difficult to translate, such as "take care", simply because they are so commonly used in english but not as much in PT. What I mean is that you can say it in different ways but there's no standard way... An english friend, chatting on MSN, once asked me this same question and I told him "Bem-vindo/a de volta"... sounds better to me, but the other options are correct as well.


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    Here in brazil we use a lot "take care" we always say "Se cuide" or in another context "Cuidado"!
    I agree with you Sparkle, "welcome back" is hard to translate because we just say "Bem-vindo" , and "Bem-vindo de volta" or "Bem-vindo novamente" sounds weird.
    We only hear people speaking that way in professional occasions, i always here they say "Sejam Bem-Vindos Novamente ...."


    Portugal (Portuguese)
    *nods* In professional occasions, exactly, that's more common...

    Ps. Funny you mention you translate "take care" to "cuidado". That same friend once sent me a message ending with "Cuidado" (used a e-translator)... I tell you, I couldn't stop laughing for almost 5minutes! we don't use it, not in that context FOR SURE! It sounds like "Watch out, banana peel on the floor, don't fall!!!!!" or something like that! LOL =P ..oh and told him a better translation would be "Cuida-te" (Se cuide - Brazilian PT) =)


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    Brazil - Portuguese
    Adorei a analogia com a casca de banana , porem "Cuidado" tb é usado nessa ocasiao da banana sim :p.
    "cuida-te" é meio estranho, brasileiros nao costumam usar pronomes depois do verbo, sempre usamos antes (nao q seja o mais correto :p)


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    Heeeey'all! :)

    Umm, i think i agree to Leandro's first post in thread, in which he says he'd use "Seja bem vindo novamente.", and, about the other harassing i would just say "Te cuida vein.." ... haha but the last is like a bit informal tho.. :p


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    I agree with Sparkle and Leandro. It's not so much that "Welcome back" is difficult to translate (all the translations proposed in this thread work); it's just that we normally don't say that when someone comes back to us. We just say "Welcome".

    Whodunit said:
    Wouldn't the first one mean "Welcome again"?
    It could mean that also, but the context would make it clear whether we were welcoming someone back, or again.


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    I don't like the "Bem-vindo de volta" solution, and I don't like the "Bem-vindo de novo" either. They just don't sound natural, at least in european portuguese, IMO.

    Depending on the situation, I'd use "Bem-vindo a casa", "Bem-vindo ao trabalho", or simply "Bem-vindo" (even without a direct translation to the "back", they pass the idea without the weirdness).

    I'm even using "Bom regresso" in a situation where there's an office welcoming reception to a co-worker that had been hospitalized for weeks. I think this is a legitimate solution for a lot of situations, though not for all. In a personal dialogue I think that solutions like "Que bom que voltaste" or "Ainda bem que estás de volta" work well.

    What do you say?

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