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Michelle Green

Senior Member
Hi all,
I am planning to write a descriptive title of a video.
Welcome the Lord's Coming by Listening to God's Voice
Is the wording correct and natural?
The intended meaning is: If we listen to God's voice, we will be able to welcome the Lord's coming.
Thank you!
  • Uncle Jack

    Senior Member
    British English
    "Welcome...by..." is a common enough expression, such as "Welcome our guest speaker by giving her a big round of applause".

    I am not entirely sure this fits the meaning you intended, particularly with your use of "be able to". If "listening to God's voice" is a form of welcome" then your sentence is fine.


    Senior Member
    English - US
    It doesn't mean what you want it to mean and what it does seem to say is odd.
    Welcome John by giving him a round of applause.
    Clapping for John will make him feel welcome.

    Do we even need to make God feel welcome? Isn't he already at home in the entire universe? :)


    Senior Member
    American English
    Are you referring to the Parousia - the Second Coming of Christ awaited by many Christians? If so, I would suggest “Prepare for the Lord’s Coming.”
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