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I've got such a sentence:

Yvonne, in the hospital, doing her welcome carer thing.
I'd like to ask you what may "welcome carer" mean. Is it someone working at something like accident & emergency in hospitals?

Thank you :)
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    Hello rzbiczek, and welcome to the forum. We need to know something about the situation, because sentences don't normally happen on their own - do you know anything more about Yvonne, or why somebody said this? We also need to know where you found the sentence.


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    Of course, I will provide what I've got, but it is not much.
    The sentence is from a british tv series "Broadchurch". It is the only time Yvonne is mentioned in this series, so I know nothing more about it.
    She was mentioned because during her "welcome carer thing" she noticed that a character from the series was rushed in at night to the hospital with heart problems; Yvonne made a call to inform the person speaking about it, who is now passing on the news.
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