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Hello everyone!

I am translating a travel itinerary from English to Italian--kind of silly since I'm a native English speaker-- and need help with the phrase "Welcome Dinner."

The itinerary in English looks like this:

Day 1

Arrive in {City A}--transfer to Hotel. Welcome dinner. Full day sightseeing around ancient monuments, temples, and palaces.

Day 2

Drive to {City B}--Trek to {City C}

And so on.

The English itself isn't great, obviously, but I didn't write it and it doesn't bother me.


My tentative translation looks like this

1o Giorno

Arrivo a City A--trasferimento in albergo. Cena di benvenuto. Un giorno di sightseeing ai monumenti, templi, e palazzi.

2o Giorno

Viaggio in auto a City B--Trek a City C.

<<Cena di benvenuto>> doesn't feel right to me, just less wrong than another option.

And <<un giorno di sightseeing>>? Perhaps I've been looking at all this too long, but that seems similarly off. Actually, more so. I'd love some suggestions...

Thanks so much for your help!


p.s. Lest you think I'm a total freeloader, I used to be a fairly regular contributor, mostly in English Only, in 2005-6...just lost and forgot all my old login information, name password, everything. But thanks again!
  • elenabiserna

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    "cena di benvenuto" is correct and usual in Italian!
    "un giorno di sightseeing" can be translated with something like: "Intera giornata dedicata alla visita dei monumenti, palazzi e templi della città"
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