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Hello members!!

Say if you are a student at a school, and there are school counsellors for the students' well being. Would you expect to see a (hand-made) sign on the door to the counsellor's office that says "Welcome for counseling service." to mean counseling service is available and you are welcome to go talk to them???

I kind of think that it's awkward, but I cannot tell what is wrong with it. Maybe the 'for'??

P.S I saw a similar sign at a school that said "Welcome for counseling service and discussions.", I changed it for simplicity.

What do you think??
Thank you!
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    No, 'welcome for' is not used. 'Welcome to the counselling service' could be used once you are already inside, but does not quite mean what you want: "Welcome: Here is the counselling service". (I wouldn't say it that way either.) Perhaps two separate lines, 'counselling service' then 'welcome'.
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