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I am very grateful to have this forum, and this is the first time I have posted.

If I am making a Welcome sign, as in ¨Welcome¨ to students on the first day of school, should it be singular or plural, Bienvenue! or Bienvenues! It really doesn´t look right as a plural somehow, but it is meant for students, plural.

Merci d'avance.
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    Hello & welcome to the forum Anna Teresa :)

    I think it's usual to write "bienvenue" because actually it means:
    "(Je vous souhaite/Nous vous souhaitons la) bienvenue"

    But I guess you could also write:
    "Soyez les bienvenus" :)

    Let's wait for other opinions though

    note: not badly explained in the WR dictionary actually ...


    USA English
    I did read that, and I am such a perfectionist, I wasn´t sure whether it would be different on a sign, which is impersonal, compared to welcoming someone personally.

    Merci, thank you for your rapid response!



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    I had the same question for a welcome sign in Spanish for our center.

    I prefered it in singular but both are correct.


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    Singular (and feminine) is not preferable, it's mandatory.
    As there's only one word written on the sign, it can't be anything but the noun Bienvenue, as DP said.
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