Welcome on board.

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Suppose I have been in education for a long time, but I personally don’t enjoy it. My friend worked in the financial service industry, an industry I really wish to work in. Recently, she has left financial service and started working in education, the same industry as me.

I want to tell her now you ended up in the same awful industry as me. I want to be humorous and a bit sarcastic.

Is there an expression for that? One expression I came up with is “welcome on board”. I am not sure if it fits.
  • Chez

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    You could say 'Welcome on board! Now you're in the same boat as me!"

    Do you know this phrase: in the same boat as me?

    It usually refers to being in a difficult/unpleasant situation – and you say it to someone who has recently got into the same difficult/unpleasant situation as you have. It works here, because you have already suggested a nautical phrase (Welcome onboard).

    Of course, it won't work if your friend doesn't know the phrase 'in the same boat as me'.
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