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Hello Guys!

I have problems interpreting a sentence in a document that I have to translate. The topic is banking, namely a tender from Raiffeisen bank seeking to find a courier company for a partnership. The problematic sentence goes as follows:

"Welcome pack (WP) effective delivery to the customer within the boundary of Hungary followed up with return delivery of the contract signed by the customer to ZUNO BANK AG and cooperation with the printing house."

I figure the main reason I am unable to comprehend the sentence is the apparent lack of some grammatical items.
I'm not sure whether this sentence alone is sufficient even for a native speaker to clearly understand what it could be about, so if you need me to provide some context, I will gladly insert some in a reply.

Also, I could use some tips concerning the meaning of the above term 'welcome pack'. My presumption is that it may be a pack of some printed materials greeting new customers (as its name suggests) sent by mail.

The second term I couldn't find a meaning for is 'effective delivery'. Google hits mainly linked the term to speech delivery, like in 'effective speech delivery' which is obviously not what I need. I know my question may contain some unclarities and is also a bit complex, but I need some help very badly.
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    It sounds like the specifications or requirements for a job.

    The courier company must make an effective (on time? proven?) delivery of the Welcome Pack (whatever it is) to the customer; arrange to pick up the completed form from the customer; and then return the completed form to the bank. The courier company may also be required to make its own arrangement to pick up the WP from the printing company (which may be separate from the bank).

    Welcome Pack certainly sounds like a package of all the papers describing some sort of account and the forms needed to set up such an account.

    If I were an agent for a courier company, I would want a lot of clarification before becoming a partner with the bank.
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