Welcome someone cheerfully / joyfully

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Persian (Farsi)
Suppose you go to a ceremony and the holder of the ceremony welcomes you very warmly (behaves you very cheerfully in the manner that you feel good being there); to describe such a situation, which one of the following sentences sounds more natural to you:
1- He / she cheerfully welcomed us.
2- He / she welcomed us cheerfully.
3- He / she joyfully welcomed us.
4- He / she welcomed us joyfully.

These sentences all are self-made.
For me, just #1 and #2 work properly.
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    UK English
    None of the sentences mean a warm welcome that necessarily makes you feel welcome.
    They just indicate the mood of the speaker.
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    He/she welcomed us with open arms is commonly used to indicate a warm/cheerful reception. Although this may sound too informal in your context. Perhaps, He/she welcomed us with enthusiasm.
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