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    How do you say in Chinese "Welcome to my house"?
    Is it safe saying "欢迎你来我家"?
    Hi LUPEN. I rarely give advice about Chinese since I'm a nOOb.
    On Baidu, there's a question, "How to say in English 欢迎你来我家做客?" and the answer is "Welcome to my house."
    (the two characters at the end 做客 zuò kè = to be a guest or visitor)

    This is a nice photo that includes 欢迎你来我家 in its caption.
    Maybe, it's a baby announcement, where the parents are welcoming the little girl into their house and family. I'm not sure.


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    Is it safe saying "欢迎你来我家"?
    Yes, it is. It's actually safer to use than " 欢迎你来我家做客".
    (The latter is a bit too specific and a learner may unwittingly use it on a wrong occasion)
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