Welcome to our school if you have any chance.

  • Giordano Bruno

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    English, England
    It means absolutely nothing to me. What are you trying to say. I would feel quite offended by the sentence in its present form.


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    English, Ireland
    I would say

    You will be welcome at our school/You are welcome to visit our school at any stage.

    Is this more like what you were trying to say?
    I understand a Chinese cliche won't do on such a occasion when interpreted literally like that, more or less I think there is also a cultural problem.Yes, at any stage expresses what "I" want to say here.
    what about Welcome to our school when it is convenient for you?


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    UK English
    I never heard "when" used directly after a sentence starting with "Welcome".
    I would need to hear more of what you want to say here..


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    According to what I have learned in this forum, "welcome to our school" is used only when somebody arrives at your school and you are greeting him/her.
    I think the original poster wanted to write or express an invitation to somebody, not a greeting.
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