Welcome to the biggest mall in North America! [Capital letter 'N']

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Hi, In the sentence "Welcome to the biggest mall in North America!" why is the letter n in the capital form? It is chosen from a book.
  • Uncle Jack

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    It is the name of the continent, and is always capitalised.

    Even commonly used unofficial names of regions are almost always capitalised, such as the Middle East and South East Asia.


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    North America is a name given to a continent in the seven continent geographic model, which is the one generally used in the English-speaking world. Some other languages and cultures use other models with different numbers and different definitions of continents. I don't know which one you use.

    North America is a name in that system. Everything above Panama, including Panama, is North America.

    north America is a description identifying the northern section of some place called America. It's not a name, like North America is. We would be more likely to describe it as northern America if that's what we meant.
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