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Discussion in 'Русский (Russian)' started by Ramen Empire, Feb 19, 2014.

  1. Ramen Empire New Member

    English - Midwestern USA

    I am making a poster for the writing lab aimed at the international students at my university. This is not homework! I am an employee there, trying to make the environment more welcoming for international students. I want the poster to say "Welcome to the Writing Center" or "Welcome to the Writing Lab" and I am hoping to get someone to write this for me in a way that will be clear to our students.

    What I have of my own attempts is:

    Добро пожаловать на Написание центр.

    But I am worried that it sounds foreign or wrong.

    I really appreciate any help that you guys give me. Thank you very much!
  2. budkin New Member

    Добро пожаловать в Писательский Центр.

    I'm not quite sure, though. It literally means "Welcome to Writers' Centre"
  3. ahvalj

    ahvalj Senior Member

    «центр» with minuscule

    What exactly is "writing center"?, what budkin has suggested means "writers' center"
  4. Ramen Empire New Member

    English - Midwestern USA
    It is a place where people can come for help with writing in English. So, if someone has an essay and wants an opinion before they give it to the professor, we're here to help them.

    Thank you both! I appreciate your time and energy greatly. :)
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  5. ahvalj

    ahvalj Senior Member

    I am afraid, there is no good way to translate it into Russian, so budkin's «Писательский центр» or better «Писательская лаборатория» ("Writers' lab") will be OK.
  6. Boris Tatarenko

    Boris Tatarenko Senior Member

    I wouldn't translate any name of a company.
    Добро пожаловать в Writing Center. This is definetely the best version.
  7. ahvalj

    ahvalj Senior Member

    For some Russian speakers (like myself) all those «работа в Toyota» look extremely uncultured and irritating. If I were an international student at that university, I would have never entered a room with such a title. Toyota, are you reading this? — you have one potential customer less.
  8. learnerr Senior Member

    This makes immediate associations with the idea of non-caring translation… So, this definitely does not help the announced goal: to make the environment more welcoming for international students; better to leave the entire message in English in such case. As for лаборатории писателей, if I see that something is for писателей, then my mental response is, 'I am not one', because in Russian the meaning of this word is less broad than in English; my first idea would be this is some kind of lit club, not what I need. I would name the idea as something like клуб англоязычного письма.

    Приветствуем вас
    В нашем клубе
    англоязычного письма,

    Or something like this. But one'd need to explain the idea in the poster anyway (in Russian!), so I think it is better to leave all in English.
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  9. budkin New Member

    Центр Письма, may be?
  10. amazingenough Banned

    Russian - Russia
    I would say -

    1) Добро пожаловать в Центр [Английской] Письменности! (the best in my opinion)
    2) Добро пожаловать в [Английский] Литературный Кружок!
    3) Добро пожаловать в Писательский Кружок!

    Actually it is hard to find an exact analogy due to the absense of something similar in Russia. Or at least i have never heard about it. I don`t deal with international students though. But forementioned options will give a solid clue to a student what is going on inside.
  11. learnerr Senior Member

    All three fail completely. With the problems that I have with my essays (written in a foreign language), I won't pay attention to any of these posters.
    I'm not a linguist. Why should I care for those ancient inscriptions found somewhere in Sussex?
    I'm not a writer for art ('artistic writer'? — it seems there's no suitable word in English). So why should I care?
    Same thing as the second.

    That's not to mention that I'll try not to read these posters just because they are obviously written by some non-native half-knowledgeable of Russian who didn't care to explore the question before trying to write in a foreign language – just look at these capital letters! these capital letters are deeply incorrect and make false impression, thus emotionally averting from reading the texts.

    Whether the poster is on the external wall of the room or somewhere in corridors, this is not known here, so we can't rely on it.
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  12. Maroseika Moderator

    I am not sure to what extent original name "Writing centre" is self-explanatory for the English natives (maybe this is a stable saying?), but all the direct translations to Russian look rather confusing than explanatory. Probaly, the last resort is to explain instead of translating, such as:

    Консультации по написанию текстов на английском языке.
    Поможем написать текст по-английски.
    Проверим ваш английский текст.
  13. amazingenough Banned

    Russian - Russia
    [h=2]Это сообщение было удалено[/h]
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  14. Ramen Empire New Member

    English - Midwestern USA
    Yes, it's an easy phrase for English speaking natives in the context of our community; It's an obvious change to the phrase "Community center" except the community is about writing. :)

    I appreciate everyone's efforts here. Perhaps my best recourse is to instead use a warm Russian greeting? Something similar to the German herzlich willkommen?

    Thank you all; I do appreciate it! (Sorry for the late reply. I have been ill.)
  15. Dendr Member

    In this case it also can be translated into "(Мы) рады видеть вас в [your place put in prepositive]."

    Edited: I was thinking in English, Russian and German at the same time, and mentioned wrong case at first. Now it's correct.
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